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House Repainting Services for Residential Homes

Increase the curb appeal of your home with the house repainting services from C B Paint Co. We offer a variety of commercial and residential painting services throughout the Aloha, Oregon, area. Our team has the tools and the know-how to bring life back into your walls. Whether you have an occupied or unoccupied home, you can count on us to modernize it.

Beautifully Painted Room

Interior Repainting

To begin, we start by rolling the walls or ceilings in one room, or the entire house if needed. We prime popcorn ceilings with a stain block sealer and return to paint ceilings. If there is only one color on the walls with a white ceiling, we spray the ceilings and come back to roll the walls. We custom paint accent walls or the entire room to the accent color.

Specialty Finishes

For our lacquer jobs, we start by spraying the two coats of sanding sealer, then sand and finish with two or three coats of lacquer on the new cabinets.

On painted cabinets, we apply two coats of primer and two coats of top coat. After that is finished, we apply a lacquer finish to the cabinets. We also paint the woodwork for one doorway or all the trim in your house. If you prefer something other than an oak surface, we repaint the cabinets with three coats of primer and two top coat layers.

Elegant Dining Room Finish

Home Exterior

Exterior Repainting

We begin the exterior painting process by coating the house twice. The first coat is applied on the first day, while the second coat is done the next day. We also use a satin paint for all of exterior jobs.

If you are trying to sell a home, we will give the house one coat of paint. Our house painting team is experienced in cedar siding, plywood, stucco, vinyl and aluminum siding. We also strip the stain off your projects and stain it again to the color of your choice. This is done for wood awnings, fences, and handrails. This applies a varnish front doors and smooth cedar soffits as well.

Specialty Finish Stain

With our specialty finish stain, your home will look better than ever. We offer cedar siding staining, decks, and wood garage doors, fence staining, gazebos, and lattices. We also treat cedar roofs with shake shield. This helps us replace the natural oils in the wood to make it last longer.
Residential Specialty Finish Stain